New: Oat drink 100% pure taste (vegan)

Do you like to enjoy a delicious milk preparation but prefer a plant-based alternative? Elisa has the perfect solution for you. From now on you can order your Cappuccino or Latte with our new DRYK oat drink.

Why DRYK oat drink?

  • No added sugars;
  • Balanced taste;
  • Environmentally conscious & CO2 neutral;
  • 100% vegan & plant-based.

With DRYK we choose for a sustainable alternative.

About DRYK

The owners of DRYK drink a lot of coffee themselves - from black coffee with a dash of plant drink to the creamy and mild latte with hot, steamed and foamy plant drink. For every DRYK drink you buy, you are giving Danish nature a helping hand. For every cup sold, DRYK protects 1m² of Danish nature.

DRYK is a plant-based drink that makes your coffee creamy, frothy and does not overpower the taste of coffee. Here, the oats contribute to a mild sweetness without added sugars. The Oatmeal Barista consists of a base of water and oats. In addition, a little rapeseed oil, acidity regulator, calcium and vitamins are added in the form of B12, D and riboflavins for a more nutritious drink similar to how you know milk. 

The nutritional value per 100 ml is 256 kJ / 62 kcal and with a fat percentage of 2.8%.

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