Nitro Cold brew

A unique experience at Elisa is our Nitro Cold Brew on tap.
Let us first start at the beginning.

What is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew coffee is coffee grounds mixed with cold water. This must then be left to infuse for 12-24 hours in a sealed jug before being filtered. Due to the cold brewing process, cold brew has a soft and sweet taste. It gives your coffee surprisingly subtle qualities. 

What is Nitro Coffee?

The basis of nitro coffee is cold brew, to which nitrogen is added. In this way, the coffee is infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles, a sort of 'prick'. This creates a creamy foam layer on top of the coffee. To get to that frothy layer, nitro coffee is often drained, just like beer. 

You can drink it straight or with milk. 

What coffee do we use?

As a cold brew releases subtle subtleties in your coffee, we use origin coffee from JAVA coffee.

Our personal favourite? The Guatemala La Pila. This gourmet coffee is immediately recognisable by its intense sweetness with hints of tropical fruit. All coffee beans for the La Pila are hand-picked and come from one and the same plantation. In technical terms: a 'Single Estate' coffee.

By roasting the coffee slowly, the coffee bean gets the time to develop its unique aromas optimally. And that is what you taste in a cold brew! A coffee that is roasted quickly quickly tastes bitter. JAVA Coffee roasts slowly, so the coffee retains that wonderfully smooth aroma.

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